Sunday, October 12, 2008

Third Poem: What Have I Done?

You always are working to keep our friendship going. 
But what have I done?
You give things up and change your plans for me
But what have I done? 
You're always there for me. 
But what have I done?
You deserve a better friend than me. 
For what have I done to deserve such a friendship?
All I've done is complain to you, ditch you, and get mad at you for no reason. 
That's what I've done. 
I've been a bad friend. 
And by this point, sorry doesn't cut it. 
If you want to find a better friend, I understand. 
You deserve better. 
If you do decide against my friendship, I will miss you. 
I'll miss all the good times we shared
All the fun we had. 
I'll regret all the stupid things I did that drove you away. 
But at least I'll know that you can find someone better
Because you're kind, 
and you work hard to keep your friends. 
You deserve someone who will work just as hard to be your friend. 
I can't live up to that. 
You worked so hard. 
What have I done? 

This poem is for my friend Nicole, who is super mad at me right now because of my stupidity. 

1 comment:

SweetTuesdayMorning said...

That was a nce poem- I really liked it.
I don't think she will leave u for another friend. You are a great friend.
And if you really feel that way- that u haven't done anything to keep the friendship going- then you should start. It takes two friends to make a friendship live. If you really feel that you haven't done much for the friendship, do something now. Get her like a present. Something she has been wanting or anything. And/or make her a really nice card (and give her this poem). Any nice gesture will work. I know u 2 will talk again soon.