Monday, October 13, 2008

Fourth Poem: Greif

As you walk along the stone-covered path of life,
a bolder comes up when someone you love dies.
This bolder is a tough obstacle,
but you have to climb it.
Once you do, you think
"Hey, I'm over! Grief is done!"
But it is not done.
As you continue, you turn around and find that the bolder is still there,
it only got smaller.
It will never go away.
It will always be there
No matter what fork-in-the-road you take.
It will always be there,
Haunting you, making you cry.
It will always be there.

This poem I wrote for English class four years ago in 7th grade. I personally really like this one.  

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Ann LRD said...

Wisdom in this one, so true!