Friday, October 24, 2008

Sixteenth Poem: Carly

You steer me in the right direction
You show me the way
You lighten up my life
Day after day

What more can I say?
You're my cousin and my best friend
Without you, I'd die
The time we spend together I wish would never end

All the time that we spend
Holds a place in my heart
I can't even describe it
"You complete me" is a start

And when there's pain in my heart
You're there to comfort me
Without you're kindness,
I don't know where I'd be

Can you see?
You're my other half
You + me = best friends
Just do the math

You make me laugh
No matter what I was feeling before
When I'm already laughing,
you make me laugh more

You open doors
In my mind, and you just understand
You make my life interesting
from boring and bland

You deserve a hand
Standing ovation, round of applause, cheers
You've stayed by my side-
through laughter and tears

All these years
Since 16 years ago,
the day of my birth
You may never understand how much, to me, you're worth.

I wrote this one for my cousin, Carly. She read it and really liked it. 

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