Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ninth Poem: Circle of Life

We all arrived on this Earth ready to travel along the circle of life.
 Though we may not understand it, the circle of life controls everything. 
We all unknowingly follow its path, continuing throughout our lives, and even after.
No matter what we do, 
Where we go
We cannot get away. 
But we go not want to anyway. 
The circle of life gives us the strength and hope we need to survive. 
It brings peace to our restless and confused minds as we worry from day to day 
The circle of life provides us with a path, even when we cannot find our way. 
It provides us with life, even in our darkness. 
It provides us with closure, even with mysteries left unsolved. 
It is our lives. 

Another poem I wrote for camp. I was working along the theme of the circle of life.

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