Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Twentieth Poem: What Am I To You?

What am I to you?
Am I really a friend?
Or am I just someone you mooch off of?
I was there when you cried.
I'm always there for you.
I always let you come over, even if I don't want you to.
I care about you.
Maybe more than your best friend.
I hope you care about me, too.
And I'm not just a distraction for your boring summer.
Because we've been friends forever.
And it would break my heart to know it's all a lie.

I wrote this about my friend Frances.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Ninteenth Poem: The Fire of Problems

Millions of problems ignite in front of dispassionate eyes.
The flames of downfall burn brightly before the human race.
Billions of stares blankly misinterpret all that has gone wrong.
Some try to put out the flames, but without compassion, they are insurmountable.
All together we must smother the flames of suffering.
We must ban together, realizing the fire was our own creation.
Through hate,opression,and greed, we have ignited our hope to overcome.
Someday this fire must stop growing.
Someday, we shall put out the flsmes.
Someday all will be firefighters- working together to end the pain.

I was very inspired by poetry I was reading.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Eighteenth Poem: Lost

Lost inside myself
Never to be found
Mo one cares
I NEED to find myself
But no one helps
What should I do?
Who can show me the way?
Where can I find some help?
Why am I so...

This I wrote a while ago when I was obviously upset.

My New Website

Well, I know this is a poetry blog, and I haven't posted in forever, but I would just like to talk about the new website I made today. It's url is http://talkingaboutsuicide.webs.com/I created this website for people who were/are considering suicide, so that they can talk about it with other people who went through similar situations.
If you, or someone you know are/is concidering suicide, send them the link.


P.S., Now I'll try to post a poem if I can find one :)