Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sixth Poem: What Happened?

How do we always start to fight?
What happened to the times when we were so much nicer?
I'm sitting here, alone and crying salty tears, wondering what went wrong?
Why do we always start to fight?
Is it right?
You used to support every little thing I did
Every mistake I made was "oops!" and then forgotten
Now it seems that everything I do is blown out of proportion
What happened to those good times?
Did they die along with daddy?
Are they lying in his grave, laughing softly as we fight?
It's not right!
I'm trying to be better, but aren't I good enough?
Do salty tears have to wet my lips?
What happened to the times when you were the voice of reason?
Has your reason left you,
Or does it hide when I make a mistake, afraid of what will come next?
I never know what to expect from you!
Everything I say has a different reaction than I expect.
I always say "tomorrowis another day"
but it never seems to be
Is it me?
Or is it you?
What can I do other than try?
Do I have to be a saint?
I can not be a perfect person
but I can try to change
Still, I keep wondering,
What happened?

This poem I wrote for my mom one day when we were fighting. i'm not actually sure if she ever read it, but I still feel this way sometimes.

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