Thursday, October 16, 2008

Seventh Poem: Quiet Girl

Sitting in the corner
writing in her book
Is a quiet and shy girl
but no one even looks
No one understands her pain
as she holds back all her tears
‘cause sitting there all alone
is the greatest of her fears
She just wants to be accepted
something she’s wanted all her life
but instead she feels rejected
being alone fills her with strife
She debates whether to speak aloud
the things she never said
but her ultimate fear of rejection
keep those thoughts inside her head
If only they could realize
everything she keeps inside
all her raw, dreadful emotions
that she always has to hide
But she can’t hold out much longer
Soon she’ll have to let them out
She needs some act of kindness
to keep her from freaking out
So be kind to that quiet girl
because then one day you will see
that kindness that you’ve shared
has helped a girl like me


Ann LRD said...

Sending Love and Hugs to use as needed.


Vanessa said...

Thanks! :)