Sunday, January 18, 2009

Eighteenth Poem: Lost

Lost inside myself
Never to be found
Mo one cares
I NEED to find myself
But no one helps
What should I do?
Who can show me the way?
Where can I find some help?
Why am I so...

This I wrote a while ago when I was obviously upset.


Cathy said...

The simplicity is almost sharp in its cutting right to the truth, which is point-on familiar.

Cathy said...

Re-read this today, had a thought which worked for me when I quested for answers: Maybe what we need is already ours. Maybe it's fruitless to look for it in others, we're already empowered to be our only needed company, who knows. I find I'm comfortable in my own company when once that was impossible (clinical depression). But with time and age...btw your word verif is "untested" how unique!

Cathy said...

More prose please.